• Multi-Purpose Probiotic

    The symbiotic Complex Beneficial Microorganisms contain photosynthetic bacteria、nitrobacteria、bacillus、lactobacillus、actinomycetes、yeast and fungus etc., Symbiotic coexistence from tens of beneficial microorganisms..

  • Shell Powder

    It was made of Japanese scallop with a special calcination, Scallop is a treasurable species of shellfish, the calcined powder contains animal body required elements;phosphorus、 manganese、zinc、 magnesium etc..

  • Nature Colorant

    Extracted from Gardenia fruit with yellow and blue pigment, and radish with red pigment, all are natural food grade pigment, the colorful natural pigment is light heat-resistant, tasteless and stable quality, durable use for all kinds of drinks, juice、 ice cream、wine、food、pastry、candy、bakery、jam、meat..

  • Nature Essence

    Refined with a variety of natural essential oil elements, such as mint、lemongrass、geranium、 lavender、 tea tree, can carry different needs;obvious effects on refreshing, aromatizing, insect repellent. Can provide bottling products or raw bucketed.