Shell Powder

It was made of Japanese scallop with a special calcination, Scallop is a treasurable species of shellfish, the calcined powder contains animal body required elements;phosphorus、 manganese、zinc、 magnesium etc. and lots of variety amino acids. Plus, it encloses calcium carbonate of 90-95%, and 1.83% of crude protein, crude fat 0.07%, for the purpose of feed additives, not only to promote livestock bone growth、blood circulation, but also can increase the egg/milk yield with high quality. In particular, add in chicken feed can significantly improve eggshell quality and egg production rate.
In pig feed, it meet the growth needed of calcium、phosphorus and other trace elements, add 1% of shell powder, can help pigs sleep tranquilly, highly favorable for growing. also significant effectively provide calcium volume for cow’s milk yield. For industry using, can apply to indoor pollution-free paint decoration and raw materials of medicine calcium.
Besides, On account of the rich calcium carbonate, many common bacteria, such as salmonella, mold, coliform can be disinfected effectively without any chemical pollution. Although very alkaline, but won’t cause corrosive effect to injury skin. Really a safe home disinfectant, especially suitable for the kitchen, bathroom and toilet where need to be sterilized.
Products can be divided into:
PH12 Scallop powder:used for sterilization, cleaning the environment container、remove
fruits and vegetables pesticide and wax、prevent junk odor and fly.
PH8 Scallop powder:used in agricultural、fishery and aquaculture, can fully replace lime
powder to soften soil and increased nutrient to strengthen crop, also remove pest and
bacteria as well.
PH8 Scallop water:apply to Anti-bacteria algaecide for aquarium, delaying the wilt
of fruits、vegetables and flowers, mixed with drinking water could anti fecal odor
and strengthen bones for animals and birds.


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